Virtuemart Ecommerce Solutions

What is VirtueMart?

VirtueMart is a complete, open source and free Ecommerce solution designed especially as a plugin (or component) for Joomla. Written in PHP, it integrates seamlessly with Joomla in a PHP/MySQL environment to provide for a wonderful and user-friendly shopping experience on an online store. It can be used as a Shopping Cart and in Catalog Mode.

What does it offer?

It offers a complete shopping cart solution for your online store designed in Joomla. Lightweight and especially optimized for websites having low-to-medium traffic, you can extend the VirtueMart shop by using even more plugins and components and customizing it with templates and modules. It offers template overriding, implementation of Joomla plugins for payment, shipment, coupons, etc. You can categorize your products in a nested manner, with Meta Tags, description and media for SEO. You can create ‘shoppergroups’ for different pricing and shipment. Build a shopper database or address book and apply real time rates and discounts to the products in your inventory. Easy payment integration and really fast checkout options provide for an unforgettably easy shopping experience.

What do we offer?

Apart from developing your Ecommerce store in Joomla, we will also install and configure VirtueMart with it the way you it to be. Now your shoppers can avoid all online hassles, shop easily and buy more from your store using this simple yet very powerful Ecommerce tool. Once your shopping portal is complete, you can easily add and remove products yourself thus keeping your store updated at all times.

A Broader picture on what VirtueMart can do for you
  AJAX-based shopping cart for the best user experience
  Unlimited number of products and categories
  Moderated or auto-published product ratings and testimonials
  Approximate delivery date
  Group customers for showing discounts
  Flexible tax calculations
  Multiple currencies
  Multiple languages
  Javascript-powered Web administration
  Control panel with a summary of new customers, new orders, and shop statistics
  Function as an e-shop or a simple product catalog with no pricing options
  Product-wise attributes, classification, spec sheets and images
  Real-time price conversion between different currencies
  Multiple pricing for the same product on the basis of customer purchase history
  Order management
  Payment using payment gateways and credit cards
  Flexible shopping carriers and rates configuration
  Extendable payment and shopping module
  Sales reports showing sale and revenue's sound experience in VirtueMart development and can take care of your following needs:
  VirtueMart custom template development
  VirtueMart template integration
  Custom module and component development
  VirtueMart installation
  VirtueMart upgrades
  VirtueMart customization