HTML to Joomla Template

Do you own a static website that is difficult to update every now and then? Do you want a dynamic website but keep the current design of your website? We can make your HTML websites come alive with more dynamism by converting it into a Joomla template.

What are the advantages of converting an HTML website to a Joomla website?

Converting your static HTML website into a dynamic Joomla website offers the following advantages:

  • Updating and maintenance of website becomes a whole lot easier and faster.
  • You can easily change the content and layout of the website as frequently as you want.
  • You can add as much new functionality you want by extending the Joomla template with components, plugins and modules.
  • The website becomes much more interactive and user-friendlier than before.
  • Adding new pages, subpages, nested categories and drop-down menus becomes much easier.
  • The website now stores all its data in a database and the entire data can be backed up by taking the back of the database.

What can we do for you?

We can convert your static HTML website into a dynamic Joomla template website and add as much functionality and features to it as Joomla offers. We will give it a neat, crisp layout that makes navigation easier and provides seamless browsing to visitors. Our project will depend on how big your website it, the content and number of pages it has and the designing it requires. When we’re done, you can easily take it from there and update the content yourself whenever you wish to.