Component Redesign

Dynamic Joomla websites come alive with components, plugins and modules. Components basically add functionality to a website, with each one having different features. However, they may need a little redesign for the following reasons:

  • You want a better design, neater layout and a bolder and crisper visibility.
  • You’re not fully satisfied with the way it works.

The redesign basically comprises making changes in the HTML/CSS code of the component, which gives it a newer look and feel and better usability. This improves the overall functionality of the website and makes it more user-friendly.

What can we do for you?

Our experienced Joomla developers have a vast expertise in Joomla component redesign for all sorts of websites. We have served many business niches, from Ecommerce (Retail) to Real Estate, Hospitality, Education and Entertainment and have absolute mastery over any sort of plugin or component that Joomla has to offer. We give your website a new look and new meaning by modifying or redesigning any template extension which you want us to.