Joomla Emergency

Joomla Emergency SupportIs your Joomla site broken? Or has it been defaced or captured by a hacker? Or its showing unexplained errors? Don't worry, just contact us and we will take care of any Joomla emergency.

Normally, Joomla sites are very stable and secured. But as any piece of code, it requires maintenance. The sites are hacked owing to the vulnerabilities in the site. This may be because you have not updated to the latest joomla version or you have installed a buggy third party extension or you have not taken steps to enhance the security of your website.

We will help you in the case of emergency as well as we will provide you consulting and solution for your joomla website so that it does not happen again.

We can provide assistance with the following:
  Your Joomla website is showing blank pages.
  You installed a third party component and now the site is not working or broken.
  You see error messages and do not know what they mean.
  Your site has been hacked and defaced.

This is a fee per incident based service, no contracts or hidden fees involved!